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2017 Ancient Artefacts - CTO Prestige Booklet
Ancient Artefacts - CTO Prestige Booklet

Date of issue

27 June 2015

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The island of Jersey, with its close proximity to France and mainland Britain, is perfectly situated to attract visitors from near and far. And so it has been throughout history, starting with nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, and moving on through time with the first Neolithic settlers, the Romans and Gauls, all leaving their mark whether by accident or intent. Eight artefacts left behind by these settlers and passers-through feature within this stamp issue.

Prestige booklets are very popular with our collectors, but they also make great gifts.The booklets contain extra information and illustrations, additional to the standard issue text that accompanies the First Day Cover. This Prestige Booklet contains four panes of stamps made up of mixed stamp designs. Sold for the face value of the stamps contained within, the book and additional information is completely free.

All our mint/cto products are carefully prepared by our own team and supplied in glassine bags to ensure you receive them in pristine condition.

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