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15 March 2016

A welcome return for Jersey Post’s stamp collecting initiative


A new edition of The Collectables, a free stamp album and activity book created by Jersey Post, will be delivered to Year 4 pupils across the Island this week. Designed to introduce schoolchildren to the traditional hobby of stamp collecting, over a thousand copies will be gifted to children aged 8 – 9, together with packets of mixed stamps.

 The 32-page album, which is being distributed in time for the Easter holidays, explores Jersey Post stamp issues across one year with themes including Birdlife, Coastal Towers, Charles Dickens and Jambo the Gorilla. There are also illustrated spaces for children to stick their stamps, as well as fun facts, colourful illustrations and interactive puzzles.

The album follows the success of last year’s publication as Rachel MacKenzie, Philatelic Marketing Manager at Jersey Post explains: “We launched the initiative last year and the feedback we received was extremely positive; it was fantastic to see children so enthused about stamps and stamp collecting and we knew we had to follow it up with another album. This year, The Collectables is packed full of more clues and puzzles and once again we’re giving away a free packet of stamps with each copy so the children can start collecting straight away.

 The Collectables is designed to get children talking about stamps, sharing and swapping but it’s also a great learning tool. Stamps provide a fascinating insight in the country from which they’re issued and we’re sure the children will pick up some interesting facts about the Island in which they live.”

 St Lawrence Primary School was the first school to receive copies of The Collectables. Head teacher, Chris Jones, comments: “The girls and boys in Year 4 were thrilled to receive The Collectables stamp album and activity book from Jersey Post. This is a great initiative which is not only educational, whereby pupils can learn about their Island, but also encourages a very popular hobby in which they can actively collect, share and swap with their friends.”

 The children’s responses have been equally encouraging:

 “It’s very interesting. The book tells you about lots of different subjects so you can learn as you read. I really like the stamps; they’re fun to stick in.”

Alex Sadler, Age 8

 “It’s fun licking the stamps and sticking them in the book. I like the Durrell pages best because I like animals.”

Jamie Ainsworth, Age 8

 “I like it. It’s interesting because there are different stamps to stick in. I like the butterfly stamps the best because they’re pretty.”

Evelyn Matthews, Age 8

 “It’s fun because you can look at the numbers on the stamps and in the book to see which stamps to stick where. I like the airport pages the best because of the pictures on the stamps.”

Lucy Cohu, Age 8

 Copies of The Collectables and packets of stamps are being delivered to primary schools across the Island this week. Any schools wishing to receive additional copies should contact Rachel MacKenzie, Philatelic Marketing Manager at Jersey Post on 516324 or by email  Additional packets of stamps are available from Broad Street post office priced at 20p for smaller packets and 50p for larger packets.

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