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01 August 2013

ITV - Channel Online reports on Jersey stamps


Stamp of approval for Jersey’s Bureau

Brian Constantine reports.

Jersey has been making its own stamps for 44 years and they are collected all over the planet.
The philatelic world has changed over the years and now Jersey's local Bureau are amongst one of the most innovative producers. It takes two years to produce a single stamp design, starting with an initial concept.
Sally Diamond, Jersey Post said: “It starts with making sure we bring all our stamp issues back into a local context, once the decision is made about what stamp subjects we are going to do we then make a decision on what designers we are going to use and what creative approach we take. Will it be photographs? Will it be illustrations? What kind of illustrations do we want? What paintings do we want? Drawing work goes on for a year prior to anyone seeing anything. The research makes sure we have everything in the stamps and then they are created by the designers. The final tweaks are made and then we start working with the printers to make sure if we want to apply any special print techniques.”
It is those techniques that allow the stamp makers to be constantly more innovative, but Jersey's Bureau is pushing the boundaries.
Sally added: “Last year we had the hologram stamp which was a really nice product for us. We worked with the treasury. We had the one hundred pound stamp which was nice to work with. The diamond on a stamp was something that had never been done before and it’s not been done since so no one else has been brave enough to fix a diamond to a stamp.”
When choosing what to put on a stamp, topics vary from collectable to local imaginary.  It could be a note worthy event or a person whose has achieved something special.  That was the case this year when Jersey Post released their Henry Cavill, Man of Steel, first day covers.
It took two years to make and was a real honour for the Jersey born Hollywood star.
Henry Cavill said: “That's absolutely incredible, this is the first time I've seen these and this is an incredibly humbling moment, actually it is humbling playing superman and going through that whole journey.”
The Philatelic Bureau is hoping the Superman stamp will be their most collected yet.
The Bureau is already planning for their 2015 issues with plenty more island topics to feature.

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