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20 September 2013

Stamps celebrate the Jersey Cow


A set of six stamps featuring Jersey cows is issued by Jersey Post on 20 September 2013. The stamps feature portraits by local artist, Kathy Rondel and commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Pure Jersey Cattle Breed which is being celebrated by the Jersey Dairy this year; the anniversary refers to the purity of the beautiful rich creamy milk produced by the famous Jersey cow.

“The endearing characters of these serene and beautiful animals really come to life in the stamps”, said Chris Elligott, Philatelic Product Manager at Jersey Post. “The 'Jersey' is the island's most globally recognised and beloved icon, so whether you are local or visiting the island, the stamps make the perfect choice when sending mail to friends and family the world over.”

Kathy Rondel is an established local artist who has been painting and designing for more than 35 years. A member of Genuine Jersey, she regularly exhibits with much of her work taking inspiration from island life and seascapes, in addition to experimenting and exploring a wider range of subjects.

The original paintings reproduced on the stamps have been painted in either oil on deep canvas, or watercolour and pastel, and are named after the characters of each animal  – ‘Clover’ appears on the Local Letter stamp, ‘Daisy’ (UK Letter) ‘Butterfly’ (Europe) ‘Florence’ (Local Large) ‘Dolly Maud’ (International) and ‘Buttercup’ (UK Large).

Bob Jones, Head of Marketing and Export at the Jersey Dairy explained: “The ‘Jersey’ has an important influence on the global dairy industry; the local herds enable Jersey Dairy to produce over 13 million litres of dairy products per year for the local market and increasingly, markets in the UK, the European mainland and Asia. It is the rich creamy milk produced by a cow that is itself a product of its island, its soil, its climate, its people and their history and we are delighted that the occasion is being commemorated by Jersey Post in this way.”

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