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07 January 2014

Jersey Architecture - Manor Houses


A set of stamps featuring six of Jersey’s Manor Houses will be issued by Jersey Post on 7 January 2014.


The stamps form the second part in the series entitled ‘Jersey Architecture’ which started in 2011 with stamps depicting a selection of the island’s historic wind and water mills. The Manor Houses included in this issue are: Trinity, Longueville, Rosel, St. John’s, St. Ouen’s and Millbrook Manor. Whilst most of Jersey’s manors date back hundreds of years and are reminders of Jersey’s rich heritage and loyalty to the Crown some, such as Millbrook Manor, are more modern country houses referred to as manors due to their ostentatious appearance. They also play an important part in the island’s history, providing fascinating accounts of a coming together of art and opulence.


Jersey Post’s Philatelic Product Manager, Mrs Melanie Gouzinis, said: “We know that our collectors are very interested in Jersey’s history and representations of the island’s architecture on our postage stamps are always received with great enthusiasm. Fortunately, the island is rich in historic buildings, magnificent to look at and often accompanied by colourful stories and ancient traditions.”


Both the first and second issues in the series have been painted in watercolour by regular stamp artist Nick Shewring who used photographs of the manors and their grounds for artistic reference. Mrs Gouzinis continued, “We are very grateful to the owners, trustees and residents of each of the manors as they allowed us to visit them and gather information and images. Nick (Shewring) has done an excellent job and we know that our customers will be very pleased with our first set of stamps for 2014.”

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